When you say web design, say it’s a sum of the parts.

When you say web design, say it’s a sum of the parts.

Web design is only part of the picture.

It’s like the Mona Lisa without her head. You would never be able to guess whether she’s smiling, smirking, looking at you or elsewhere. So what gives?

The visual part of a website is extremely important. Web design supports branding, readability, and helps reach out to a specific demographic. The visual part of a website can make or break your small business.

Yet that is only the beginning of the job of a web design firm.

And this is where the great “template factory” ends.  So if you chose a template, you’d be dealing with a headless Mona Lisa and still struggling with how to grow your business.

Lets put the web design company’s job in “paint by numbers” perspective.

  • Design a site that’s visually unique
  • Draw up a road map, skeleton or outline. Organize information and business goals into a site flow.
  • If the client is writing copy, are there keywords associated to promote visibility.
  • Optimize your SEO
  • Make headlines pop!
  • Make the visuals SEO friendly
  • Analytics
  • Create a sitemap. Notify search engines.
  • Backlinks, Link sharing
  • Long term site optimizing & management

The point is that there is a lot more to today’s website design than meets the eye. And a good design firm will make it easy for you. After all the Mona Lisa needs a head!

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