Web Marketing & The Budget Battle

New web businesses take time to build and need a good web marketing plan

Web Marketing & The Budget Battle

Open Ye Coffers… Ye Businesses of New.

Of course only to the right company that has your best interests in mind. A lot of start-up business owners believe that once they open their web business to the public that people will flock to the gate, pounding on the doors, “Let me in!”

Reality looks a lot different. It can take up to a year of good marketing and SEO to get your business on the map. If you are just starting up and have a sparkly new domain you will need to start showing search engines that you have something of value to offer.  The more unique you are, the quicker your company will rise to the top of the heap. But there are bumps along the way.

Hows the competitive landscape? If you are another service in an already bloated market either prepare for a long haul or find a way to set your company apart. We can help! Mental Pixel specializes in SEO and web marketing and can help build a reputable following and get your business going.

Keep your expectations in check. And whatever you do don’t give up! And if you find yourself in a bind feel free to call on us for website design or web marketing advice, 516-356-1408 or you can use our contact page.

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