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    [testimonial style=”2″ name=”Jim Krajicek” position=”Krajicek Golf Photography”]Mental Pixel has the ability to translate your ideas to a website with the greatest impact.[/testimonial]
    [testimonial style=”2″ name=”Ilene Granstein” position=”Interviews and Applications”]Your work on updating the website for my business exceeded my expectations in every way! From our first communications, you listened carefully to my goals for the site and  your excellent suggestions reflected your understanding of my business and of what I hoped to accomplish with the re-design.[/testimonial]
    [testimonial style=”2″ name=”Patricia Morimoto” position=”Disposabowl”]Thank you so much, I love the website you created! You did a fabulous job! I enjoyed working with you. Much appreciated…[/testimonial]
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    Value driven web design with the customer in mind.


    More of everything

    We grow businesses and are one of the best investments your company can make! Don’t settle for generic solutions that waste your time & money. We provide 22 years of website development & marketing expertise. What does that mean for your business? Results. Fans. More Purchases. Loyalty.

    We are just a call away!

    Advertising pros always tell you to imagine this or imagine that. No need to imagine, just bring your passion and vision and we will help grow your business. Call us today at 516.356.1408 or use the form on this page.

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    • A professional web designer, web developer, content writer and marketing planner will be working on your project. With over 20+ years of experience we put your company, product or service ahead of the pack.
    • Measure twice, strategically cut once. We start off every project getting to know you, your business, and your specific goals. Your company is unique, and a simple conversation can help us figure out a strategy that works best for you.
    • Attention to detail and a professional attitude. We listen; and as our client we will go the extra mile to ensure your company’s success.
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    Good design makes for great business. We excel at providing an outstanding user experience that is specifically tailored to your target audience. Add in the power of an integrated marketing strategy and you are way ahead of the competition.

    Don’t stand out? Get in line.

    Thousands of websites are out there competing for your business. How do you establish yourself as a leader in the marketplace?  Good design and original content can make or break the confidence a potential customer has in your business.

    Hi-tech with heart.

    We work tirelessly to bring your digital projects to life. Our experience in marketing and the latest web technology makes us a formidable partner and perfect for taking your business to the next level. See how we can help you right now, connect with us today.

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