User experience & web type power

User experience & web type power

Let’s not insult Arial, Helvetica, Times or any of the other standard web fonts too much… they have gotten us through the early days of the web pretty well. Yet from a user experience point of view, the standard fonts have made most sites look alike and have numbed our visual senses. Standard web fonts have lost their visual impact.

What designers have done in the past to make the user experience unique is to turn non-standard web type into a graphic and implement it as an image file on a web page. That’s all well and good, but it’s time-consuming, takes up precious bandwidth and can be a pain.

Type the way type was meant to be…

One of the simplest things you can do to make your website stand out is to use the CSS3 definition “@font-face”  that implements any font you’d like into your site design. Pick a typeface that compliments your website logo, a sales offer or just makes your site sing.

The right font will improve user experience & sales!

  • Take every effort to support your brand with a unique typeface.
  • Gives prospective customers a fresh look and fresh offer (Beat down your competitors. . . by closely matching your offer with a typeface that speaks to the demographic you are after.)
  • CSS3 font implementation will improve your SEO.
  • Make your messages clearer, set a tone, bring nuance and style to your website’s design

Remember, user experience is king and your web fonts (and what they say about your company or service) can make or break a sale or getting a new lead.

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