There’s code for that, web functionality for small businesses

There’s code for that, web functionality for small businesses

Web development has changed over the years. Functionality that was once reserved for large companies flush with the dollars to do so, is now available to all. Some of these functions include live chat, powerful photo display & management, and blog capabilities. 

This is truly great news for those interested in creating a website that doesn’t just look pretty, but will extend your businesses ability to serve its clients.

Development Cash

Let’s face it, you could turn to a development company and they could build the functionality you need, but it is going to cost you. And that functionality will not be as robust, or tried and tested than the prebuilt options available right now. And best of all they are relatively easy to implement.

These web companies offer their technology free (asking only for a donation), for a small one time fee, or sometimes comes with a monthly subscription plan.

This is not to say that all web development should be integrated in this way. There are many specific tasks that are best handled in-house, but it is a great opportunity for small businesses on a budget.

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  • Mike
    Posted at 11:39h, 29 April

    I agree with you. There are so many options now for clients that don’t have big budgets. And, often times going with applications that have been tried and tested can save a lot of headaches for everyone. With custom development, all kinds of bugs can be found and can often times be tricky to fix.

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