The Small Business Website Checklist for Newbies

The Small Business Website Checklist for Newbies

The stuff you need to get going!

I’ve created a short and sweet checklist for those interested in having a website designed for their business. Granted you need a competent website design & development company (wink, wink…) There are a few other things you should be aware of.

You will need:


  • A domain name – This is your site’s web address, ex. This can be purchased through one of the popular domain buying sites.
  • A good hosting company – A hosting company provides you with the space & bandwidth for your website. You can also set up email, databases and more.
  • An eye catching company logo – A lot of people forget this part! A good logo design can say a whole lot about your company with minimal words. Make it count!
  • An SSL Certificate – An SSL Cert. secures your website. Not every website needs an SSL Certificate, I would advise that if you are opening an online store or are storing highly confidential information (log/pass) you protect yourself and your clients with one.


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