Small Town, Big City and Beyond – local business website tips

Small Town, Big City and Beyond – local business website tips

So you own a local business and decide to advertise and build a website to attract customers online. You are one smart cookie!

Location, Location, Location!

Just being there, around the corner or down the block is a valuable asset to your customer. It’s a big plus in terms of convenience and trust in most cases. You are part of a local community. Don’t hide it! Some things to include in your quest for local dominance:

  • Location as part of your website’s title
  • Location-based keywords
  • Geo tagging
  • Let people know you through Google Places

Taking your business beyond

Sometimes your services or sales demand you stay in a specific area. (ex. You own a company that installs air conditioners, its reasonable to believe you will only service customers within a certain distance from your business) But there are products and services that have the ability to work locally and worldwide.

A huge customer base is waiting right out your fiber optic or cable line door

Open up your business prospects and build an online store. Offer your services through webinars or meet prospects through live chat via your website. Keep the local flavor, but now you can grow your customer base virtually.

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