Leverage the right talent for your website

Leverage the right talent for your website

Small companies try to keep as much of the work in house as they can, which is totally understandable, since anything a company can’t do needs to be outsourced and there is a cost to that.

There are some things I’m very good at. But like most people I have an unspoken kryptonite… and guess what I’m going to tell you. I break out in a sweat when I have to Fedex/UPS something to someone. Lol. It’s as simple as that unfortunately.

How does this relate to successful website design? Well beyond my sweat inducing package phobia, you as the client need to hire a company that knows it’s limitations. A company that uses a variety of talent if your site design calls for it. A particular content writer, or specialty photographer for example. Don’t have your website guy, who is probably awesome at design and coding, go and write the copy too.

Ask questions! Who will write my copy, who will take pictures for my commerce products. And be ready to make room for these things in your budget.

We want your small business to be a success!

If you have comments, questions, or are in need of our talents! Website Design, Logo Design, SEO, Web Marketing, eNewsletters, Link Building, Analytics…

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