Building a small business and adjusting your budget for success

Building a small business and adjusting your budget for success

You go into business because you believe in yourself and that you have something of value to offer potential customers.

Cool! Now what do I do. Where do I go from here.

  • Position your company – Don’t try to do it all and specialize! Cut out the competition by focusing your company’s effort on bringing value to a small, unique piece of the pie.
  • Make advertising efforts count – Be smart, don’t waste money on things that don’t support your position; but do put the necessary money towards the basics of doing business, like a company website.
    • Don’t cut corners – A professional writer, website designer, photographer, logo designer, etc., can make all the difference. Budget right for a great first impression.
  • Be lean and mean, but friendly too – Start your business on a great footing, go the extra mile and be social. Let your followers know of your efforts, let them be part of and help build your story of success.
  • Consistency – Be consistent throughout your whole business, not just part. (A great product with bad customer service = 0) A successful business is about providing the whole package!

Good Luck and we hope to hear from you!

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