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19 Oct 2015

Stoke the fire! Toss in more coal. Get that engine humming because there is a big hill on the horizon. That hill represents new business, more customers, new potential and increased growth. Stop running in place and get up that hill. Read more

Cheap Websites

Method & web madness.

$899 is more than just affordable. With that you get a team of web design & marketing pros. Beyond SEO, intuitive web design, smart marketing and a professional staff, we give you 22 years of experience doing what we love.  We custom tailor each website to your specific industry or business. No assembly lines, and no corners cut. We take the time to build something great. Read more

New web businesses take time to build and need a good web marketing plan

Web Marketing & The Budget Battle

29 Sep 2015

Open Ye Coffers… Ye Businesses of New.

Of course only to the right company that has your best interests in mind. A lot of start-up business owners believe that once they open their web business to the public that people will flock to the gate, pounding on the doors, “Let me in!” Read more

Small companies try to keep as much of the work in house as they can, which is totally understandable, since anything a company can’t do needs to be outsourced and there is a cost to that.

There are some things I’m very good at. But like most people I have an unspoken kryptonite… and guess what I’m going to tell you. I break out in a sweat when I have to Fedex/UPS something to someone. Lol. It’s as simple as that unfortunately. Read more

Web photography matters.

14 May 2012

Cancel that photoshoot in your living room.

Take the time to realize that the only thing a customer sees of your product or service when they visit your website are your photos. And if they are out of focus, dark, or have random family members in them  it affects trust, sales and could put your online efforts in jeopardy. Read more

The stuff you need to get going!

I’ve created a short and sweet checklist for those interested in having a website designed for their business. Granted you need a competent website design & development company (wink, wink…) There are a few other things you should be aware of. Read more

Web design is only part of the picture.

It’s like the Mona Lisa without her head. You would never be able to guess whether she’s smiling, smirking, looking at you or elsewhere. So what gives?

The visual part of a website is extremely important. Web design supports branding, readability, and helps reach out to a specific demographic. The visual part of a website can make or break your small business. Read more

User experience & web type power

10 Feb 2012

Let’s not insult Arial, Helvetica, Times or any of the other standard web fonts too much… they have gotten us through the early days of the web pretty well. Yet from a user experience point of view, the standard fonts have made most sites look alike and have numbed our visual senses. Standard web fonts have lost their visual impact. Read more

Web development has changed over the years. Functionality that was once reserved for large companies flush with the dollars to do so, is now available to all. Some of these functions include live chat, powerful photo display & management, and blog capabilities.  Read more

Ahh the template. It’s cheap (can be free), it’s easy and it’s extremely popular. Services offer the ability to add your text, change color, add your own logos… pretty much everything to get a fully realized website. Read more

You don’t necessarily need to be bit by a radioactive spider to get superhuman SEO (Search Engine Optimization) powers. But you do need a good plan of action and knowledge that things may not develop overnight. Read more

So you own a local business and decide to advertise and build a website to attract customers online. You are one smart cookie!

Location, Location, Location!

Just being there, around the corner or down the block is a valuable asset to your customer. It’s a big plus in terms of convenience and trust in most cases. You are part of a local community. Don’t hide it! Some things to include in your quest for local dominance: Read more

So you had a gorgeous website built and it’s been SEO-itized and form-ified, and even landing page-ilized. You’d think the hard part is over, but really it’s just beginning.

Some things to keep in mind:

  1. Create connections. Backlinks are a great way to bring your website up through the SERP’s (search engine results page)
  2. Work that backend. SEO keywords will have to be adjusted to make sure you are getting the appropriate response to your business
  3. Follow-up. Follow through is key. Answer questions in a professional and timely manner.
  4. Measure twice (or more), edit, edit edit. Analytics can tell you a whole lot about your sites effectiveness. Use it.

Read more

Start your business and get going

18 Jan 2012

There are many reasons for starting a business. And I believe there is no better time than in a down-turned economy. We make all the excuses in the world why we can’t, when in reality there is only a sliver of difference between talking about it and doing it. We all need to find that motivation and get going. Read more